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Vilification of a social movement

  In the recent past, Bangladesh has witnessed a new social phenomenon, a social movement spearheaded by a generation of students who may be called the generation of the 2000s. It all began on 29 July 2018 in protest of two Ramijuddin School and College student’s death due to reckless driving near airport road in Dhaka. Although initially, emotions ran high for the first day or two, the protest soon took a peaceful, organized look in the following days with demonstrations taking place on a number of streets and intersections of Dhaka and elsewhere in the country. Students carried innovative placards and festoons, written all by themselves and performed protest songs day in and day out. They chanted slogans such as we want justice. Demanding for safe roads all along, the students at some point even took up the role of traffic police, somewhat trying to show the nation and the “elders” how to ply on the roads and what needs to be done! All of this was received very well by the ordina

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